What to Pack

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Packing for your Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation

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Planning your holiday is great fun and knowing what to pack for Caribbean travel is important. Space aboard the boat is limited, so please use restraint!Travel lightly! Remember, you will be aboard a boat having fun in the sun! We recommend packing:

  • Traveler’s checks and Cash for Captain/crew tips.
  • T-shirts & Shorts.
  • Light pants or skirts and tops for dining out.
  • Bathing Suits.
  • Sun Block (SPF 15-30)
  • Beach Cover Ups. The Caribbean sun can be deceptive, don’t get burned!
  • Soft soled shoes for off the boat. Bare feet on boat please.
  • If you plan to dine out on Peter Island, a jacket and tie may be required for gentlemen. Ladies should dress accordingly. (No jeans here). Everywhere else is very casual.
  • Your favorite CD’s or I-Pod. Bring the pin type connector!
  • Camera.
  • Hats.
  • Burn remedies and soothers.
  • Foul weather gear (if you are the pessimistic type). This *is* the Caribbean and you will be on a yacht!
  • If anyone in your party is prone to this ailment, bring a suitable remedy. (Soda crackers help)
  • Soft sided luggage or duffel bags. Avoid Wheels.
  • Toiletries kit – Hair dryer is on the boat
  • Bug repellent.


The experienced traveler will pack everything in a soft sided carry on bag so there is no chance of being separated from your belongings.

What Not To Bring::

  • Anything other than prescription drugs are illegal in the BVI. Possession of ANY amount of drugs may land you in jail. Your charter boat and personal possessions may be impounded and a fine may be imposed. Please don’t bring drugs to the Caribbean!

Print out this list prior to packing for your vacation